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Preschool Program

A Place to Shine

The preschool classroom is an inviting and enriching environment where a child is free to explore and discover what interests them.

Our classroom is arranged in a mixed age group. This creates a nourishing and educational experience. Younger children learn from older classmates by looking at them work, this experience builds ties of cooperation, socialization and respect.​​​​

Practical Life

These activities improve concentration, independence, eye-hand coordination and fine/gross motor skills. Among other things, children have an opportunity to care for their environment and themselves.​​​

Sensorial Activities

Maria Montessori believed that nothing comes into the mind except through the senses. During the years between three and six, as children develop their senses, their attention is directed toward the environment. Sensorial materials were designed to stimulate each child’s senses. Activities often include matching and grading materials that isolate the sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.​​​​​

Language And Literacy Activities

Early language experience is attained by encouraging children to talk about their daily experiences, listen to stories, read books and through participation in songs and rhymes. Every child is taught the phonetic sounds and shapes of letters. Then, the child progresses to “build” words using specially designed Montessori materials, which lead on to writing and reading.​​​​

Mathematical Activities

Maria Montessori believed that math in the early years prepares a child for logical and critical thinking, not for memorizing mathematical facts.

The Montessori math curriculum is one of the best examples of the unique beauty of Montessori materials. Teachers use concrete materials to introduce abstract concepts and give a sequential understanding of mathematical concepts.

Social Studies and Science

The Montessori curriculum integrates social studies and science in the classroom, as they are in life.

Specially designed geography maps teach the child to recognize the world’s continents and oceans. Children are introduced to different people, cultures, and the great variety of animals that inhabit our planet.​​​

Arts And Craft Activities

Art is a way a child can communicate his or her feelings and express his or her creativity.

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