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Toddler Program

A Place to Shine

The Toddlers Program is designed to meet the developmental needs of children from 18 to 36 months of age.

In this program, children will encounter the beginnings of social and language skills, practical life, sensorial, math, art and music using the Montessori philosophy.

In the classroom, toddlers are encouraged to choose the lesson that peaks their interest. The classroom is set up with child sized tables, chairs, and shelves with age appropriate materials that foster the natural curiosity of toddlers.

Practical Life

Toddlers engage in practical life lessons such as matching, sorting, pouring, and transferring.

Sensorial Activities

These attractive materials are designed to stimulate each of the child’s senses and to develop the ability to make fine discrimination.


Toddlers work on pre-reading activities, stories, songs, finger plays, and vocabulary building.

Mathematical Activities

Number concept and counting activities.


Creative movement and rhythm.


Self-directed activities that include drawing and painting.

* Toilet Training begins when children demonstrate readiness

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