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Our Philosophy

What We’re All About

Hallandale House of Learning Montessori is dedicated to the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in the belief that her teachings provide a scientifically based system, which not only helps the child during early development but throughout lif e. We adopted the Montessori philosophy which is based on love for the child, respect for the child’s dignity as a person, and a strong desire to help the child realize his or her fullest potential in society. We respect our children’s progress at their own pace and provide them with the support needed for their physical, emotional, social and intellectual normal development. At Hallandale House of Learning, we strive to meet the needs of all of the children and families in our school.


Our primary goals are to provide a clean, safe, comfortable, loving, home-like environment where all children can learn and be respected, regardless of their differences. Respect towards self, others, and the environment will be emphasized. We believe in the value of both structured and flexible schedules. We will do many "messy activities", and we will do our best to maintain cleanliness and order, but fun and the well-being of the children will always take precedence over cleaning. We will achieve this in the following ways:


• In the classroom, the teachers will provide a safe, comfortable, stimulating and educational setting where all children will be exposed to culture, diversity, music, art, and literature.


• We believe that every child can learn to have good manners and respect others.


• We know that children need, expect and deserve to be guided in ways that will help them be safe, happy, and well adjusted.


• We believe that every area of development (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual) must be  acknowledged and provided to the child.


• We will help to develop your child’s self-esteem through a mixture of guided and undirected creative play where children participate, voice their opinions and feelings, and to discover what makes them "wonderful me".

Montessori Method Mission

Innovative & Responsible

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  • What's the Montessori Method?

  • The Montessori Method is an educational philosophy based on the belief that a child learns best within a social environment that supports and nurtures each individual's unique development pattern.​

  • What makes a Montessori classroom Unique?​

  • All of the material and furniture in the classrooms are designed to meet the needs of the children, and is displayed in a way that facilitates their educational development. Children choose their work, use the material carefully and return it to its place when they have finished. All activities are called “work”. The word “work” conveys the positive connotations associated with enjoyable activities in which the child takes pride..

  •    How do we differ?

  • -All children work in the classroom together.

  • -There is no grouping into ages.

  • -The materials used to teach reading, writing, mathematics, geography, science, music and cultural studies are all unique to the Montessori Method.

  • -Children choose their activities and work at their own pace.

  • -Children interact with others in a peaceful manner.

  • -All activities are called “work”. The word “work” conveys the positive connotations associated with enjoyable activities in which the child takes pride.Children learn to take responsibility for themselves and each other, respecting other's differences, abilities, work and space, and to treating others with courtesy and dignity.

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